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I work plastic, wood and metal in very unique ways. My mastery of these waste is a statement on environmental issues.

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Browse through a large collection of my plastic, wood and metal art work from many years of practice.

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Browse through a vast collection of my art videos from exhibitions to my time in my studio.

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about me

Adenle John, born March 27 is an alumni of the University of Nigeria, Nsukka; he is a multi media artist who lectured at the Federal College of Education, Abeokuta and presently lectures at Creative Art department of University of Lagos, Akoka, Nigeria.

Hi guys!

I am John Adenle, a sculptor and multimedia artist, an educator, and the leader of an emerging art movement. I create pieces entirely out of waste plastics, wood, and cellophane, transforming refuse that would otherwise litter our planet into artistic spectacles. I have a Doctorate of Philosophy, a Master of Arts (University of Nigeria, Nsukka,) in art education and a Bachelor of Arts (Obafemi Awolowo University, Adeyemi College of Education, Nigeria) in sculpture. I am a lecturer at the Federal College of Education in Abeokuta, Nigeria, where I teach sculpture and art education and mentor students as they embark on their artistic paths.

I take every opportunity possible to spread and promote art practices through attending workshops, organizing artist residencies, facilitating art workshops and occasionally producing children’s television and radio programmes.

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John Adenle



Browse through a collection of my artworks.



I am a multi-media artist whose body of works explore degradable and non-degradable waste materials.

plastic waste art

I transform plastic waste into beautiful pieces of art that improve the aesthetic outlook of landscapes.

metal art

There is beauty in metal. I explore metals and bend them into beautiful works of art that add beauty wherever they are placed.

art projects

One of the ways I present my work to the global community is through art projects. Over the years, I have done many projects.

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wood art

Bringing out the beauty in woods has been something I find pleasure doing. I carve beautiful art pieces from wood.

community service

Adding value to communities is one of the things I love doing. Through my works of art, I am able to serve communities.

training workshops

Over the years, I have imparted my knowledge of plastic, wood, and metal art to students from diverse backgrounds.


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